At Optimum Solutions we take the guess work out of a complex situation and make it simple. Simple to the point where Technology becomes an integral part of your business and day to day lifestyle. Simple as a single room or conference area, training room or amphitheater, from Video Conferencing, Audio/Video Solutions, Lighting/HVAC Controls, Energy Tinting and Shading, we’ve done it all. Our educated team of expert subject matters are uniquely qualified to assess your current situation to deliver affordable single or fully integrated solutions. The areas that we thrive on to deliver and assist in are:

Video Conferencing

Cost effective video conferencing solutions allowing you and your organizations to connect and interact face to face regionally. nationally and globally.

This platform helps improve response time, lower your travel costs and connect with HD resolution, always.

Audio/Video Solutions

Customized to fit your personal and professional needs.

Lighting/HVAC Controls

Solutions implementing occupancy control devices, and preprogrammed timers activated remotely.

Energy Tinting and Shading

Energy sensitive solutions such as electronic or mechanical tinting and shading bringing comfort and affordability while consuming less energy.

Service and Maintenance

We offer Service and Maintenance contracts providing you piece of mind and the assurance in dealing with a customer centric and professional organization.